Gaddafi: A heroic villain

Yes, maybe Muammar Gaddafi (left) really was a cruel and heartless leader. Began as a hero, he ended his life by being combated and killed by his own people.

His cruelty and tyranny has ended. Now, he meets Allah SWT dan ready to be counted. Leaving us in this world to spend some short remaining period of our lives devoting Allah SWT.

Here, I would like to recall one of his contribution towards film industry. If he was sincere, there will be something for him in the hereafter.

Under his government, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi used to invest USD35 million in Mostapha Akkad’s Lion Of The Desert, a film about Umar Mukhtar who fought for Libya against Italian colonialism.

He was also supporting the production of another Akkad’s well known film about prophet Mohammed, The Message. Akkad (right with Anthony Quinn who played Hamzah) got the approval to shoot this film by Al-Azhar but it was rejected by Muslim World League in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

At first, the film was fully supported by King Hassan II of Morocco. However, after 6 months Saudi exerted a great pressure on Morocco to stop the production.

Then, Akkad went to president Gaddafi of Libya for support to complete the project and Gaddafi allowed him to move the filming to Libya for the remaining 6 months until the film was finalized.

Nowadays, we inspire some spirit and lessons from these two films, and there was some Gaddafi’s role in it.

Poor Gaddafi (left), because he held the throne for too long. The throne has changed him. What was said in The Dark Knight is true, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.


P.s. Thanks to Wan Ahmad Ashraf for revising my first English writing. 


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